At CDR we proudly offer Laboratory Grade Borosilicate Glassware from Glassco Labs and Glacier. All glassware are manufactured from Schott 3.3 Borosilicate glass from Schott-Rohrglas in Germany. All volumetric ware is calibrated via computer controlled instrumentation, and  calibrations are performed within a controlled environment.

Should you require Schott Branded glassware – we are able to supply to your requirements. Specialized glassware also form part of our supply, as we have free access to qualified, well trained and experienced glassblowers.

  Beakers LF & TF             Volumetric Flasks              Measuring Cylinders

 Glass beakers                 Volumetric Flasks                 Glass Measuring Cylinders

   Erlenmeyer Flasks         Round Bottom Flasks        Flat Bottom Flasks

 Erlenmeyer Flasks                RB Flask                 Flat Bottom Flasks

      Condensers                        Desiccators                         Funnels

     Condensers                 Dessiccators                GlassFunnels

      Vacuum Flasks                  Bulb Pipettes                Graduated Pipettes

 Vacuum Flask                  Bulb Pipettes               Graduated Pipettes

 Separating Funnels               Burettes                          Crucibles

 GlassSeparating Funnel                           Glass Burette                Crucibles