Reverse Osmosis Systems

CDR Laboratory Services cc is proud to distribute and maintain these systems which are locally manufactured and continuously improved to the highest standards. Because of the thorough knowledge with regards to Reverse Osmosis  working principals, customer requirements and operation, these units are comparative to well known imported brand names.

Other systems are available as well. Please inquire for specific needs.

EconoPure System

The EconoPure water purification System is compact, economical, versatile and effective. This is the most popular system installed in various laboratories. More than 50+ units installed

The EconoPure is the ideal system which can produce water for both general laboratory use and high purity requirements.


  • Produces 12It per hour of high purity water
  • Low pressure sensor to prevent pump burnout
  • Booster pump to ensure performance
  • Cleaning port to remove contaminant or bacterial buildup on membranes
  • Conductivity for purified water down to 0.5 – 1.0μS/cm or 2 – 10MΩ/cm
  • 100It storage reservoir with vent filter with chemical trap
  • Nuclear grade ion exchange resin
  • Online conductivity meter

AnalyticPure System

The AnalyticPure which look very similar externally to the Econopure, is an add-on system to produce laboratory water for use in very high purity requirements in small volumes.


  • Produces more than 2It per minute
  • Online conductivity meter
  • Conductivity for purified water feed down to 0.056μS/cm or 18 MΩ/cm
  • Recirculating pump motor cut-off, burnout and overloading eliminated
  • Nuclear grade ion exchange resin
  • Final filter 0.2μ

Filling Station


         Front View                                        Rear View

The ‘Filling Station’ is specially designed for the laboratory that requires multiple take off points for good quality water. For further information please have a look at the following Slide Show: