Sales of Laboratory Products In Southern Africa and Surrounding Countries

CDR Laboratory Services can provide in your requirements for a wide variety of laboratory equipment. We are able to provide technical back-up, training, calibration and servicing capabilities on all equipment sold.

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We offer pipette calibration and servicing. This can be done on-site if so required



Remember that we can attend to all Brands of Pipettors.

We supply the following:

Laboratory Equipment                                                                   Accessories:

  • Ovens & Incubators                                                                     Lab Trolleys
  • Growth Chambers                                                                       Pipette Cannisters
  • Heating Mantles                                                                          Tube Racks & Baskets
  • Hotplates                                                                                     Heating Block Inserts
  • Laminar Cabinets
  • Muffle Furnaces
  • Shakers & Stirrers
  • Waterbaths & Steambaths



Disposable Sampling Plastics:

  • Petri Dishes                                                                                                         Sampling Bottles
  • Contact Plates (Rodac Plates)                                                                             Specimen Jars
  • Throat Swabs (Sterile & Non Sterile)                                                                   Test Tubes


Latex – Powdered & Powder Free in Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large

Nitrile – Powdered & Powder Free in Small Medium, Large & Extra Large

Sterile Surgical Gloves – in Sizes 6, 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5

Syringes – Sterile Plastic 3 part Syringes, Separate Needles

Disposable Safety Wear: (Please note that on certain items minimum quantities may be applicable)

Various items available to your requirements eg:

  • Mop Caps
  • Face & Dust Masks
  • Overshoes (Plastic and Non-Woven)
  • Arm Protectors
  • Disposable Lab Coats
  • Disposable Coveralls (Bunny Suits)

Long term re-usable safety wear is also supplied

  • Poly Cotton Lab Coats (Button and Stud closing)
  • 2 Piece Conti Suits and 1 Piece Boiler Suits
  • Embroidery of Logo’s & Names
  • Safety Shoes and Gumboots


Chemical Solutions & Reagents

We strive to offer all laboratories in the analytical and other industries a variety of chemical reagents & solutions of high quality which is sourced from reputable suppliers. We can provide in all your basic chemical solution needs – buffers, indicators, titrants, stains and AA-standards.


Laboratory Glassware

We are able to supply all industries in their need for laboratory glassware. These range from beakers, cylinders, reagent bottles, funnels, tubes and a variety of other products. We also assist with all specialized glassblowing requests.

Laboratory Plasticware

We can assist with all other requirements for reusable & disposable laboratory plastic ware – general purpose & volumetric, as well as a wide variety of other plastic ware, ranging from beakers, cylinders, wash bottles, jars, pipettes, test tube racks, burettes, and many other items.

General Laboratory Products:

We will assist with all other inquiries for general laboratory items : automated pipettes, rubber-ware, tubing, filter-ware and custom manufacturing of metals.

Through our many reliable and long-standing relationships with our contacts, importers and manufacturers we are able to supply in most of your needs.